Property Surveys

An up to date property survey is recommended when buying, selling, subdividing, improving or building on a parcel of land.
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“How much will it cost to survey my property?”

It’s almost impossible to determine a general cost, there are a dozen variables involved with any property survey.  Give us a call at 802-229-9138  and we’ll be happy to talk about your situation and your property and give you an estimate.
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“What goes into a property survey?”

The process of a property survey begins with deed research. A trip to the Town Clerk for a thorough search of deeds, plats, maps, court records, and other pertinent documents is required in order to discover the true history of a parcel of land. Depending on the number of previous owners, various parcel additions, conveyances out, or subdivisions, research can account for a significant portion of our work.

After a description of the parcel has been established, physical evidence is located in the field, such as existing iron pins and pipes; rock cairns; fences; stone walls;blazed trees; buildings; etc. The degree of difficulty of the field work depends on; the size of the parcel, the terrain in the area, the density of vegetation on the property, and seasonal conditions.

The documentation and physical evidence will be compared and analyzed. Our licensed Surveyors will come to a conclusion as to the true location of property corners and boundary lines and a preliminary plat will be drawn up for the client to review. Upon conclusion, a survey crew will set any undocumented property corners and a final plat suitable for recording will be produced.

We suggest that everyone record their plat with their Town or City Clerk, which will serve to preserve the plat and put the public on notice regarding your boundary.

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