Historical Lotting Plans  – The Office of the Vermont Secretary of State maintains a database of Vermont’s Historical Town Lotting Plans.

LSRP  – The goal of Land Surveyor Reference Page is to provide reference materials that are useful in the practice of Land Surveying. LSRP also hopes to promote communication within the surveying community globally.

NGS  – National Geodetic Survey is responsible for defining, managing, and providing public access to the National Spatial Reference System (NSRS), a consistent national coordinate system that provides the foundation for mapping and charting; state boundaries; transportation, communication, and land records systems; and numerous scientific and engineering applications.

Town Clerk Guide  – The Office of the Vermont Secretary of State maintains information on each town or city clerk, town treasurer and county clerk in Vermont.

VCGI  – Vermont Center for Geographic Information is a public non-profit chartered by the State of Vermont providing free GIS data created by members of the Vermont GIS community.

Explorer for ArcGIS – is an easy to use program needed for viewing most of the maps that VCGI has to offer.

VTANR Atlas – Vermont Agency of Natural Resources interactive Atlas.